Monday 2 November 2020

November is Here! Farewell Spooky Season

Hello once again all!

So the month of October has passed us by and we are now here in November.  So lets take a look at what I managed to paint this last week of October!

One goblin Standard Bearer and a Owl Familiar!  The Gobbo is self explanatory...need to have a banner bearer for an all goblin army.  But the Owl is a familiar for a D&D campaign that...kind of got put on hiatus due to the 'Rona.  Hopefully I'll get back to it one day.

Lastly just one model that has been a "test model" since...well 4th Edition 40k was still around.

One Termigaunt!  Now this fellow is from the old 4th edition starter.  I have a few sprues with some Genestealers and Spore mines as well.  Enough to really start a combat patrol....see where this is going?  Maybe I'll get them all based and painted up....some day...along with 50 other projects!

So with all this said and done what was my model count for October...

Counting all the stuff I managed to get through on my pile I managed to paint 32 models!  That's nuts!  I managed to almost completely blow through my pile of primed models.  Heck it led me to look for OTHER primed stuff I could paint (of which I still have a bunch).

Adding it to my total of 95 models painted!!  I'm 10 away from last years record and I still have more on the way.

Stay Tuned!


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