Sunday 6 December 2020

Well, November flew by...

 Hello once again!

Well...November was a thing.  I'll admit I didn't really paint much.  But December is here and I am determined to finish my orcs!  So lets take a look at what I got done for November.

Two spider swarms....very very simply painted.  Honestly?  I put off painting these for so long because I just wasn't enthused about them.  So I kept it to a simple dry brush, quick and easy.

Now I haven't been super good at the whole "don't buy minis" thing.  But I kept splurging to a minimum and I treated myself to these bad boys!

I wanted these minis since I heard this was a game.  So I splurged and bought the rules and the Bleak Falls Barrow set.  I Also started getting them prepped!

3 Skyrim skeletons!  Nice models and fun to paint.  Just have to prep the last of the models in the box.  But they will come after my orcs!

So that's a total of 5 models for November making my total 100 for the year!  I'm SO CLOSE to beating my year total from last year.  Just have to buckle down and get it done!

Until next time.

- Commodus

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