Thursday 31 December 2020

2020 Wrap up Post!


The last models of 2020!  The last models of this god awful year and I managed to beat my record of minis finished!

The last 3 Orcs I needed to finish this unit.  The last of my Orcy boys I will need to paint (For now...probably)  So with that all said and done....

Finally after 16 years of starting an Orc unit back during 6th edition Warhammer Fantasy.  I have completed a unit for 8th edition that is no longer in production!

But it is done!  With these last three My model count has risen to 114 models for the year!

....but wait!  In a last ditch effort to round out my numbers I managed ONE MORE!

The mighty Wizard Servac!  Ready and able to lead my warband into FROSTGRAVE.  So with him done that takes my total too 115 models painted for 2020!

Well I am exhausted...I think I'll take a quick break before going hard on some projects this new year.

Stay Tuned!


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