Monday 18 January 2021

Let's Start Painting in the New Year!

Hello and Happy 2021!

So I'm back and ready for the new year!  So It's been a slow start to the year but that doesn't mean I not painting!  I've continued to finish up my prep pile with 5 more minis done.  So lets take a look!

One Apprentice for my Frostgrave Warband!  Pretty straight forward model.  He was fun to paint although I wish I had done the highlights on the staff better.  Oh well!  He is done and ready to adventure.

Next up!  as the rest of you look at blogs online...

the Draugr were training!  All the monsters from the Bleak Falls Barrow set are now done.  All that is left is the Dragonborn and I can then go on and purchase the next box set for this game.  Not sure If I'll go Imperial or Stormcloak...we shall see!

Stay Tuned!


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