Monday 12 April 2021

Adventures in Terrain!

Hello once again!

So continuing what I started earlier this month I decided I need to eliminate some boxes I have taking up space on my floor....all over my floor in fact.  So continuing that lets take a look at another batch of terrain minis I managed to bang out!

Mantic Blacksmith set complete!  As well as doors of Moria and a random sign that was part of the GW Fence set I bought ages ago.  Also a random Bones treasure chest.  All get throw into my terrain box for later use!

With this box set finally done I can move on to another one...

One box of Azyrite Ruins!  I already finished the ruins set that came with my Blasted Hallowheart box.  So I already have a colour scheme.  My plan is to get a box of each of the cityscape.  After this one I'll need the Townscape or perhaps the Bell ruins that came with Warcry...maybe even the scatter terrain!

Anyway I washed and filed off the mold lines.  Now to assemble and base coat!

Stay Tuned!


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