Friday 16 April 2021

Continued Adventures in Terrain!

Hello All!

Okay, I just realized that my last post that I actually finished 3 weeks ago wasn't published...because I forgot.

So I guess were getting more posts!  So here's the last stuff I finished and an update from my painting from last month.

10 more Azyrite Ruins!  Another bunch to add to my collection of Age of Sigmar terrain.  I forgot how annoying my colour scheme was to paint.  However with this box down I can get the scatter terrain box and on of the Sigmar dais as well.  That's for later to focus on my pile.

I have a bunch of stuff I want to get done.  This is the first group I want to pound out.  Hopefully I can get it done post haste!

Now for my monthly rundown.  Counting all the models I did last month I managed to complete 21 models!  I have a good monthly total so far.  As for my Yearly total, 69 models! (Nice)

I'm actually making good progress but I feel I need to focus more.  So after this pile I'm picking a project and focus firing on it....for awhile at least.

Stay Tuned!


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