Tuesday 20 April 2021

April Painting Session Continues

Hello once again all!

So I'm back once more with more to show off.  Didn't really get a much done as I had intended mostly as I have been trying to remember my colour scheme for my latest batch of work.  So I tried a few things until I finally remembered how to do it!  SO without further ado...

5 Averland Handgunners!  I have sooo many Handgunners, and only about 20 painted.  These are the first gunners I've painted since I started playing Warhammer back in 2004.  I've come a long way since then....although I will have to go back and touch up my old models, a quick highlight and a wash should be enough.

So with those done I can focus on the rest of my current pile!

Slowly working through them, Outrider and wolves up next.

Stay Tuned!


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