Thursday 25 November 2021

Getting in the Groove...

Hello once again!

So I'm back with more stuff to paint.  After taking a rather long break and only really doing terrain I need to get back into mini painting to clear off my new pile of minis.  So I decided to start on something that has been sitting on my table since 2008.

One Empire Warrior Priest!  Or in this case, my Arch lector that I bought for 7th Edition Warhammer that I never got around to painting.  Howevere. now my War Altar has a proper Arch Lector...or just regular Warrior Priest.  I have one more Warrior Priest model in a box...somewhere.  I'm sure I'll get to it eventually.

Next up....

Bones Goblins!  These are from the first Bones kickstarter from years ago.  There are 12 in total in the original kickstarter and I have now painted half of them.  6 more to get done...once again I just gotta find them.

Now I need to make a decision on what to paint next.  I have to finish a project, I just have to decide on what it will be.

Stay Tuned!


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