Thursday 6 January 2022


So...uhh....Not a lot of painting in the second half of the year.  Honestly despite my best attempts at motivation it just wasn't happening.  But a new year is here as well as me being stuck working from home.  So now I don't have an excuse.  I WILL finish a project this year.  First up is completion of my Stormcast which I have sitting half-primed for awhile.  That will be my main project and despite earlier years I will not be distracted!

With all that said and done I did manage one last thing done before the end of the year.  I actually finished it back in November but never got around to showing it to you all.  So without further ado...

Forest terrain!  Not much to say about painting it honestly.  I bought the trees from the dollar store and scrapped off all the fake snow and then re-flocked them to mild success.  Basically the same as my last bunch of trees.  

So with this last model/project for 2021 my year end total comes to 118 models!  That's 15 more then last year.  Hopefully I can keep up the trend.

 So thats my last of 2021.  Hopefully 2022 will start off with a bang!


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