Sunday 16 January 2022

2022 and Painting is the Name of the Game! Also Warhammer Technically....

Hello all!

I'm back for a new year of painting minis and kicking ass.  And as I'm locked down at home, I'm all out of Ass.  With this said I have decided to FOCUS this year.  I'm getting a project done whether it kills me or not.  I probably wont, but still!

So with all that said lets start off with my first project I intend to get done this year.  My Hallowed Knights Stormcast Eternals!

Lord Celestant on Dracoth!  I was kinda dreading painting this model because I couldn't decide on how to paint the Dracoth.  My decision came down to me having gone to my Local Game store and bought some Vallejo Dark Green paint.  From there I just decided "Dragons should be green" and went with it.

So that model is done!  Next up, finishing my Liberators.


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