Monday 7 February 2022

Late January....Or Early March?

Hello once again all!

I'm back with my Round up of January...a week into February!  Sorry but I honestly was distracted from painting most of the month and honestly didn't get around to finishing what was on my desk until a few days ago, technically making it a February paint completion.  However, I make the rules so....

Three Stormcast Liberators!  The last 3 I needed done to complete my unit.  This whole unit was years in the making.  In fact I'm pretty sure I started this whole unit back in 2016 and just kept delaying getting it done.  But now with these guys done I have a full 10 man unit completed!

Tada!  Now with the completion of these models it means I have only done 4 models for the whole month of January.  Which is fine honestly.  I decided I'm going to take it easy and not stress myself too much...but I WILL finish my Stormcast.

So with that said, on to the next unit!


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