Monday 28 March 2016

The Breaking of the Averholme: Update 2

Hello all!

Well after a quick break to game a bit here we go back to the painting table.  So without further ado...

So here we have my tribute to the fallen Tomb Kings along with a few Spiders for my D&D campaign.  Heck, if I ever get a proper GM run Mordheim campaign off the ground I can use them for that as well.

Finally getting the Tomb King painted gave me an idea.  I don't want to get to much into it now because I am still at the planning stage but I'm kind of excited!

On a sadder note I'd just like to give a fond farewell to Bretonnia, as it has fallen to the great purge at GW.  May your knights ride eternal....not shiney and chrome, but in a proper Bret Lance formation.  AS IT SHOULD BE!


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