Thursday 17 March 2016

The Return of the Shadow: Project report

Hello everybody!

So I have a mini battle report I plan on writing out as my attempt to teach myself the 9th age.  That will be coming out as soon as I can get to uploading all my pictures and typing out the report.

In the meantime I have continued to mull over what I want to paint next and I decided on two things.  I believe my next project will be....

I managed to pick up this journey book ages ago for super cheap.  It's awesome!  It has rules to basically play through the whole Fellowship movie and has a ton of modeling and painting guides.  I have been slowly picking up the original minis and I have enough now to start working on my own Lord of the Rings journey.

My main plan now is to paint the minis needed to do the first two missions in the journey book.  So lets get started and see what I have painted up!

So to start I need to paint 9 Ringwraiths.  So far I have 7 painted with the other two just waiting to be based.  After which I need to paint 9 Dunedain rangers which I also have lying around somewhere.

Before I get to that however I have a few minis I promised to paint a while back that I finished putting together

My farewell to Tomb Kings (also some spiders).  Wish me luck!


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