Monday 11 March 2019

Battle Report: Blood on the Streets, Age of Sigmar Skirmish 2.0

Hello again one and all!

So given how in the last 6 months or so I have managed to get a bunch of AoS minis painted up, I decided to finally do something with them.  Now I know I don't have enough for a full 1000pt force like I plan on having for each.  However I do have enough to try out the new AoS Skirmish game!

So January 2019's White Dwarf had new rules for playing Age of Sigmar in Skirmish.  So using those rule I put together two 250 renown army lists to battle it out.

So lets take a look at the forces and also forgive me for the terrible lighting and picture quality.

Lar'Xan Skullslayer, Mighty Lord of Khorne and his retinue.  Lar'Xan rolled up Impetuous Crusader for his command ability and Armourbane for his artifact of power.  Joining him are Garrek's Reavers, two regular Bloodreavers and three Tzeentch Chaos Warriors.

On the other side of the table, Lar'Xan faced off against Galerin Forgeheart, Lord Relictor of the Hallowed Knights.

Galerin rolled Ambitious Fighter for his command ability and the Cursed Tome for his artifact of power.  Following him were two Liberators, one prime and one with a greathammer.  In addition Steelheart's Champions came along rounding out the group.

Lets take a look at the table and the Battleplan!

So using the new skirmish rules I rolled up Sweeping Assault.  I also rolled up the terrain rules and marked them with my simple, but effective tokens!

There are four objectives on the field, at the end of each player turn your score points for each objective held.  1 point for each one in you deployment zone, 2 points for one held in your opponents zone.


The Stormcast finished Deployment first and elected to take the first turn.  Severin Steelheart on the left flank along with Oberyn and Angharad.  Next to objective 4 Lord-Relictor Galerin and the Grandhammer Liberator setup while the Liberator Prime started next to the hill on the right.

Meanwhile on the opposite side Lar'Xan, th Mighty Lord of Khorne deployed next to objective 1 along with the three Tzeentch Chaos Warriors.  Meanwhile Arnulf, Targor, Karsus and Garrek lined up together with Saek on the far right flank.

Turn 1 - Stormcast

In the Hero phase Galerin had no targets for his own prayers but did have the Cursed Tome.  He tried to cast Mystic Shield on the Grandhammer but failed.

In the Movement phase all the Stormcast ran forward.  Steelheart and his champions moved toward objective 1 while Galerin and the Liberators moved toward the objective on their side of the board.

No Battleshock, the Stormcast get 2 VP for controlling their own points.

Turn 1 - Chaos

In the Hero phase Lar'Xan used his Gorelord command ability on Garrek, Targor and Karsus.
In the Movement phase the whole battleline walked forward with the two Bloodreavers moving up just enough to get in front of objective 3.

In the Charge phase all three Chaos Warriors manage to charge Severin Steelheart but Lar'Xan, The Mighty Lord of Khorne, failed his charge roll and could not use his Impetuous Crusader command Ability as he did not have another model within 6" of him

Meanwhile Garrek and Targor charged Galerin, while Karsus charged the Grandhammer Liberator.  All of them easily making their charge due to the Gorelord command ability.

In the combat phase Garrek managed to put a wound on the Lord-Relictor, who then proceeded to kill Garrek in return.  The other reavers either failed to hit their target, or had their attacks saved by the stormcast armour.

Meanwhile on the other side of the field Severin and the 3 Chaos Warrior traded blows but neither side managed to wound the other.

Chaos passed it's Battleshock phase and scored 2 VP for controlling their own objectives.
The Stormcast won the die roll off for Turn 2 and elect to go first.

Turn 2 - Stormcast

In the Hero phase Galerin tried to use his Lighting Storm but failed his die roll. Wielding the Cursed Tome the Lord-Relictor cast Arcane Bolt on Karsus, rolling a double 6 and causing d3 wounds and slaying him.

In the Movement phase Oberyn and Angharad moved forward.  Oberyn toward Arnulf and Angharad toward Lar'Xan.  Meanwhile The Liberator prime on the flank moved up while the Grandhammer retreated from combat toward the Bloodreavers and objective 3.

In the Charge phase Angharad charges the Mighty Lord of Khorne while Oberyn charged Arnulf.  The Liberator prime on the flank tried to charge Saek but failed.  Which led to Galerin using the Forward to Victory Command ability to re-roll the charge...which still failed.

Combat phase, Angharad fails to wound Lar'Xan while he fails to wound her back.  Oberyn missed all his attacks but Arnulf managed to hit him back but the wound was saved by his armour.

Meanwhile Severin Steelheart managed to slay one of the Chaos Warriors surrounding him while his grandblade.  The other Chaos Warriors missed all their attacks.

On the other side of the field Targor missed his attack and promptly had his head caved in by Galerin.  Chaos easily passed it's Battleshock test and the Stormcast scored 2 VP for continuing to hold the objectives in their zone.

Turn 2 - Chaos

In the Hero phase Lar'Xan used his Gorelord command ability on himself and the two Bloodreavers guarding the Objective.

In the movement phase Saek moved up to challenge the Liberator Prime sneaking around the tower while the Bloodreavers move to stop the Grandhammer.

In the Charge phase both Bloodreavers charge the Grandhammer while Saek rolled high enough that he decided to join them to gang up on the lone Stormcast.

In the Combat Phase both Bloodreavers and Saek, fail to hit while the Grandhammer retaliated and managed to kill Saek.

Meanwhile on the other end of the board Angharad managed to get 3 wounds on the Mighty Lord of Khorne but he managed to save them all.  When attacked back Angharad was not so lucky and was cut down by Lar'Xan and his Axe of Khorne.

Oberyn and Arnulf trade blows but neither managed to harm the other.  Meanwhile Severin missed all his attacks while a Tzeentch Chaos Warrior managed to cause a wound on Severin.

Each side passed their Battleshock test.  Chaos scored 2 VP for continuing to hold thier objectives.  The roll off for turn 3 was won by Chaos who elected to go first this battle round.

Turn 3 - Chaos

With the whole Chaos Army engaged Lar'Xan didn't use any command abilities.  Instead he moved forward toward Oberyn to keep him off the objective.

In the Charge phase Lar'Xan charged Oberyn.

In the combat phase both Bloodreavers and the Grandhammer Liberator all miss their attacks.  On the left flank Severin managed to kill another Chaos Warrior while the last surviving one managed to roll double 1's to wound Severin in return.

Lastly both Arnulf and Oberyn waved their weapons in each others face, unable to hurt each other.  When Lar'Xans turn finally came around he promptly cut Oberyn down.

Battleshock is passed by both sides.  Chaos scores 2 more VP for controlling their objectives.

Turn 3 - Stormcast

In the Hero phase Galerin used his Lightning storm ability on one of the Bloodreavers engaged with the Grandhammer and killed him with a mortal wound.  The he followed that up with an Arcane Bolt which Lar'Xans Collar of Khorne failed to dispel, which then killed the second Bloodreaver.

With the area cleared of chaos worshipers the Lord-Relictor and both Liberators ran toward the open objective.

With no shooting or charges we skipped right to the combat phase.  Severin went first and attacked the last standing Chaos Warrior and cut him down before he could retaliate.  Leaving the field open before him to threaten the second chaos objective.

Chaos once again easily passes battleshock.  The Stormcast manage to steal objective 3 from Chaos meaning they score 4 VP this round taking a lead in the game.

The roll off for turn 4 is a tie and Chaos elects to go first once more

Turn 4 - Chaos

With only 2 models left on the field Lar'Xan uses his Gorelord ability on himself and Arnulf.

In the Movement phase Arnulf made a b-line to the Stormcast side of the board with the hope he could survive long enough to steal an objective and keep the game from being a rout.

Meanwhile the Mighty Lord of Khorne moved toward Galerin and the Liberators hoping to cut through them to re-take the objective.

In the Charge phase Lar'Xan, with the help of his Gorelord command ability, made a long bomb charge and made it into contact with the Grandhammer.

In the Combat phase Lar'Xan failed to wound the Grandhammer but was not hit in turn.  The combat also pull din the Liberator prime who failed to wound as well.

End of the turn and Chaos failed to take back their objective as the Grandhammer and Liberator Prime tied the Lord of Khorne for taking objectives.  Chaos only scored 1 VP this round.

Turn 4 - Stormcast

In the Hero phase Galerin used his Lighting Strike ability on Arnulf killing him outright.  He tried to use Arcane Bolt on Lar'Xan but failed to cast.

In the Movement phase Severin Steelheart ran toward objective 1 to try and take it from the Chaos hordes.  Meanwhile Galerin move toward Lar'Xan to help push him off objective 3.

In the Charge phase the Lord-Relictor managed to charge into the fray with the Mighty Lord of Khorne.

With only one Chaos model left alive on the field it was right to the Combat phase.  Galerin manage to get several blows in but Lar'Xan saved them in.  In retaliation he struck out at Galerin but whiffed his attacks, meanwhile his Flesh Hound managed to put one wound on Galerin who failed his save.

The Liberator Prime struck out but failed to wound while the Granhammer managed to hit causing 2 wounds on the Mighty Lord of Khorne.

Chaos passed his Battleshock test.  With Galerin in range the Stormcast still held control of the objective scoring 4 VP this round.

Things are certainly looking grim for the forces of Chaos.  With the roll-off for the turn, Lar'Xan won 5 to 2 and elected to go first.

Turn 5 - Chaos

There didn't look like there was a way for Chaos to come back in this fight.  So Lar'Xan consoled himself knowing that he could at least serve the Blood God by taking Galerins head!

Going straight to the Combat phase Lar'Xan threw all his attacks into Galerin...and missed them all.  Next up to attack was the Grandhammer Liberator who wounded with both of his attacks.  Leading to Lar'Xan failing his save and falling over dead at his hands.

With Lar'Xan dead the Stormcast have swept the field of Chaos and control all objectives.  Victory to Lord-Relictor Galerin and the Hallowed Knights!

Well that was my first game of Skirmish 2.0.  I certainly prefer it over the old version and I hope they include the rules for it in the next General's Handbook 2019.

That's all for now, until next time!


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