Friday 1 March 2019

LET'S PAINT STUFF: February Done! New Month and New Project

Hello once more everyone!

Alright so the end of the month is here, it's time to show off the last of what I painted and count what I managed to finish.  Now I haven't been all that busy the last few days and I only really have one small update to without further ado..

The last 2 pieces of dungeon terrain!  Okay, I'm only really counting them as one and they really didn't take that long to paint.  Longest part was waiting for the wash/glue to dry, but they are done!

So counting all the minis I painted this month my grand total for February comes to 22 models painted.  Counting the ones from last month I managed to paint 35 minis so far in 2019!  Go me!

So for March I decided to focus exclusively on D&D minis.  I have a bunch of Warhammer models I want to get done but they need work to prep.  Filing down mold lines, stripping paint off used minis I buy and, most importantly, sculpting green stuff bases for them all.  I plan on focusing NEXT month on the Stormcast/Bloodbound stuff I have lying around.  For now however, I want to clear off the majority of ready models I have.

Now, with that said I also want to get through my Conan box, so I plan on mixing it up somewhat this month.  For example...

5 Bossonian Archers from the Conan Miniature game, which also have D&D potential!  I plan on banging these out next while I choose what to paint from my pile of D&D stuff.

Wish me luck for March!


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