Monday 12 October 2020

Lets Continue to Spoopy it up

Hello once again all!  

I'm back with another batch of models painted up and ready to go.  Managed to get a bunch done this week with another batch well on the way.  So without further ado...

Three more Lizardmen!  This rounds out all my bones Lizardmen.  My first warband/D&D encounter is done from my box of minis.  Need to figure out which monster group I will finish next.

Until then, lets see what else I managed to paint...

One Orc Big Boss!  This guy was just a spare minis I bought from a lot of models.  He was poorly painted and based, so I built a new base and gave him a repaint to match my Orcs!  So another model done and added to the pile.

So four models painted and completed, next up...more greenskins?  Most likely!

Stay Tuned!


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