Monday 5 October 2020

October is here! Spooky time!!

Hello all once again!

So September has come and gone and I managed to start painting again.  Slow going at first but I hope to clear the first leg of my pile soon.  For now lets take a look at what I finished for this month and count up my total!

Two Lizardmen warriors!  One regular, and one "Brute".  Now technically the big guy should be a Marsh Troll.  But these models look much more like a Large Lizardman that I prefer to use them as a custom monster for D&D.

With these two models done I can add the other two I finished this month for a total of 4 for the Month of September.  Taking my yearly total too 63!  I still have 3 month to go for the year to see if I can finish more then I did last year.  So far I cam keep pace but I'll have to double down this month.

More Lizardmen are on the way next so stay tunes!


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