Sunday 22 March 2020

MARCHing Onward to Painting Victory!

Hello once again all!

So I'm back with even more stuff to show you.  While I am still making progress on the Orcs I took a side track and decided to finish off one more piece of terrain before I put the project on hold for a bit.

So with that said...

My Chapel of Sigmar!  I wish I had bought this back when GW still produced it.  But I was able to fine one online for a "not so bad" price!  Its been sitting in pieces in the corner of my room for awhile now.  Luckily I was hit by a terrain bug and was able to finally finish it.

Yet another model down and several more on the way.  Still working on Orcs and hope to have more to show in the coming days.

Until then!


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