Wednesday 11 March 2020

The Long MARCH continues...

Hello and huzzah all!

Here I am again with even MORE stuff I've painted!  I've gotten a bug that I really need to sit and focus to finish at least one project.

...I just don't know which one yet....but I have ideas...

While I decided I'd keep cleaning up my terrain pile, I've been slightly distracted by other ideas.  But for now lets take a look at what I managed to get done.

Six Orc Boyz with double choppas! 

I have a unit of 40 Orc boys that have been sitting in display case half done for the last....5 years or so?  After painting some minis for Warhammer Skirmish I got a bug to paint I started painting Orcs....and I keep painting Orcs.

Its Orcs all around!

So I figured since I'm kind of hooked on doing it I'll keep painting them until I'm bored.  Hell!  maybe I'll finish my 2000 point Orc and Goblin Army in the process.

Stay Tuned to find out!


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