Thursday 26 March 2020

The MARCH continues....papa Nurgle is pleased...

Hello once again all!

I am back with even more stuff to show off.  I generally had project A.D.D. so I can never really get anything done as I would like.  However WARCRY 3 BLOOD DRAGON has inspired me to paint Orcs.  So I plan on getting my 40 Orc unit done.  I've been waiting to finish this project for almost 6 years.  Now It will be complete!

With that said...

5 More Orcs to add to my horde!  I originally started painting these guys so I would have bodies for a little "WARCRY 3 BLOOD DRAGON!!!" but I haven't gotten around to painting my Dark Elves because...well, I like painting Orcs!

So far 16 in the unit are done! 24 to go!

Till then!


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