Friday 6 March 2020

Stupid SMarch Weather! Also February Model Count!

Hello everyone once again!

Well February has come and gone, and here I am to show you all that I managed to paint last week!  Now I did have most of the week off so I was able to get some larger projects done, as well as a few smaller minis for D&D and a little Warhammer Skirmish.

So with that lets take a look at what I got painted!

Two Orc miniatures for my Orc and Goblin army, as well as a little 6th edition Warhammer Skirmish.  Grimgor Ironhide, slightly converted to be a regular Black Orc Warboss.  As well as an older Boar Boy.  I tested out two different skin tones, one bright green and another slightly muted tone green.  Both were actually a lot of fun to paint and I'm happy with how they came out.

Next up!

A bunch of scatter terrain!  Both for Skirmish and D&D.  Not too hard to paint (Except the wood pile...which was hell), but I'm happy I was able to clear this stuff off my paint table.

Now for the bigger projects I have been working on...

A Mage Wrath Throne!  I've actually had this model based and ready to paint for awhile.  I just was not motivated to actually do it.  So I grit my teeth and just decided to come up with a paint scheme and DO IT!

And I did!  I probably went a little too heavy with the dry brushing, but the tarnished throne look is something I can work with.

Lastly, the big project you have all been waiting for!

GW Plastic Fortress!  COMPLETE! (With an extra tower for good measure).  Now all I need to do it get all the other stuff I need for a proper siege.

So adding everything up I managed to paint 20 models last week on my mini vacation.  Adding all the other stuff I painted that's 28 minis for the month of February and a total of 33 for the year so far!

*phew*  Guess I better get to work on what I'm doing for March.


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