Monday 18 February 2019

LET'S PAINT STUFF: Damn! That was a productive Weekend

Hello once again!

Okay I know I did a post not too many days ago where I showed off some works in progress.  Had to put a halt on them as I was missing a few paints....but I got them!  I spent most of yesterday pounding them out and getting more of my projects done.

So to start off:

BAM!  Tzeentch Chaos Warriors, all properly highlighted and done!  Now the guy on the left was my test mini so he's a bit rough when it comes to painting. However I have the colour scheme down so the other two came out quite a bit less sloppy.

I have 2 more waiting on my desk, but they are half ready and still need prep work.  They won't be finish any time soon as I work on the line of already prepped models. With that said....

One blacksmith and a ball of fire!  Two D&D minis I can cross off my list.  I still have to finish up the rest of my town blacksmith project but at least I got him done.  Also my Wizard in D&D has a physical representation of the "Flaming Sphere" spell to make tracking it in battle easier.

So what is next?  Well....more AoS!

I bought this Lord-Relictor almost 2 years ago and now I want it off my damn desk and in my display case to help lead my Stormcast.  He's going to be quite a bit more work then my Other Stormcast but the paint job should be relatively the same.

Here's hoping I can have him done by the end of the week!


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