Saturday 23 February 2019

LET'S PAINT STUFF: Slow Week but Progress!

Hello once again all!

This week has been a bit slow going.  Partially due to having a busy week of not hobby stuff to do and partially due to this damn mini being so damn BUSY!!

Okay, I am not actually done painting my Lord Relictor.  I did decide to show my work in progress and show what else I plan on getting painted this weekend.

Okay so I managed to get the base coat on the mini and get the wash done.  Now that it is dry I can get the highlights on this bad boy and attach it to it's base, which I also finished as it was drying.  I should hopefully get this done quickly so I can move on to a mini project for this weekend...

DUNGEON TERRAIN!!  Okay so I am currently running a new D&D campaign and I want to actively use these minis I have had on my desk for awhile.  They paint up pretty fast so I figured after an annoyingly hard mini I should work on some quick and easy stuff.

The Deep Cuts dungeon terrain is self explanatory.  The white minis are Bones I got from the very first Kickstarter 5 years ago (OMG 5 years ago...), and the grey ones were a part of my Dwarf Forge Dungeon Kickstarter that I haven't finished painting yet.

I'll quickly base coat them tonight so I can finish them up fast before moving on to my next group of miniatures.

Stay Tuned!


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