Saturday 9 February 2019

LET'S PAINT STUFF: Slower then I thought

Hello all!

Well I thought I'd have a group of Bloodreavers done by the end of the weekend...that didn't work out sadly.  However I got them MOSTLY done and finished them off this week.  So here are the first set of reavers!

This is a somewhat terrible picture but I finished 5 Bloodreavers for my Bloodbound army!  Now that there is news about a new battletome as well I definitely have a reason to focus and getting them done before the book drops.

I have another 5 minis sitting in pieces on my desk waiting to be cleaned up and glued together.  I also have to dedicate some time to getting some bases setup for them to match all my other AoS minis.

While I work on that I have one other thing I managed to complete this week.

One, quickly painted Grizzly bear from the new D&D Nolzur line.  The Druid in my D&D group makes it a habit to turn into a bear whenever possible.  So when as was at my local game store and saw this bad boy I had to grab him and quickly paint him up.

Well that is all I painted this week.  I have some Conan minis I want to pound out as well as prep some more D&D stuff to use in my new campaign,

Bye for now!


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